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Excellence in Action!

Just a few examples of going the extra mile for clients:

W.T. - Car Accident.                 Offer: $5.00                     Recovery: $13,000.00

L.J. - Defective Product.           Offer: $0                          Recovery: $99,000.00

E.O.P. - Wrongful Death.         Offer: $35,000.000         Recovery: $250,000.000

R.I. - Car Accident.                   Offer: $1,800.00              Recovery: $10,000.00

K.H. - Assault.                                                                     Recovery: $25,000.00 (Policy Limit)

D.M. - Car Accident.                                                          Recovery: $100,000.000 (Policy Limit)

H.R. - Outrage/Constructive Discharge.                          Recovery: $9000.00

It's important to us that our clients receive all they are due. We measure our success by your benefit!

These are for exemplary purposes only, not a guarantee of future recovery.